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About HerMan

What is Lumingerie? Lumingerie is founded in January 2008. We are an online store specializing large cup lingerie sizes. The company's name comes from the original home town of the company, as well as the English language women's lingerie from the word "lingerie". Lumingerie thus combines playfully Lumijoki and lingerie. The idea of an online store directed to large bust ladies stemmed from my own need, as bra with large enough cup size and small bands was difficult and sometimes even impossible to find.

What we offer: Our online shops fast growing range includes women's underwear and swimwear for everyday and special occasions from D-cup and up. Available sizes vary by model and brand. We work with a number of different brands. In addition underwire bras our store's product range includes wirefree bras, sport bras, nursing bras, bikinis, tankinis and swimsuits, teddies, bustier and, of course, panties and garter belts. You will also find a varied selection of small underwear accessories, such as bra band extensions, underwear tape and much more! In addition, Our collection also offers a curvy sized clothes; shirts, jumpers and dresses with big breasts have been taken into account in design.

Our mission is to provide you with curvy beautiful lingerie, because beauty and well-being is every woman's right. In our Online store, you can browse products and shop in peace when it suits you best. You can go window shopping every day if you like because we are open 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Ordering from our store is easy and reliable. Online banking and credit card payment transactions are provided by Paytrail payments, who manages payments quickly and reliably. You can choose your suitable payment and delivery methods, and you can fit the products in the privacy of your own home. Will deliver your order directly to your mailbox without postage costs; However, with the exception of a postal package sent large orders, which you will need to pick up from your nearest post office.

Lumingerie online: Our online shop is open every day at, but you will find us in other parts of the Internet. Lumingerien Facebook-page is updated daily with the the latest product updates and news, and sometimes we surprise our fans in the form of discounts or offers.

Hopefully you feel at home with us!

Lots of love, Mervi
75L-M (EU) / 75HH-J (UK)
Owner, Lumingerie

ps. You can find my blog at