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How to measure your bra size? Can I do it myself?

For measuring your bra size you'll need two measurements:

  1. A snug measurement around your body right under your bust, this gives you the band size needed.
  2. A loose measurement around the fullest part of your bust with an unpadded bra on. This combined with the first measurement, will give you your cup size.
You can take these measurements yourself while standing or ask for help from a family member or friend. Use a soft tape measure and make sure that it goes straight around your body.

Our size calculator gives you the suggested bra size in both UK and EU cup sizes. For more instructions on how to measure yourself, see below.

Measuring your bra size

1 - Under bust:

Measure this on your body right under your bust. We suggest you do this without any clothing under the tape measure, but if you must, you can measure this with a thin top on. Remember to reduce 1-2 cm from the measurement if you are measuring yourself with a top on. This measurement gives you the band size needed. Usually the correct size is 5-10 cm smaller than the actual measurement. The bra should feel snug on and stay comfortably on it's place. Your size is too small if it's digging in and hurting, and too big if the back is riding up.

2 - Around bust:

Measure this with your best-fitting non-padded bra on. The tape measure should run straight around your body quite loosely. Because cup sizes run in 2-3 cm steps, even a smallest change on the measurement can change the results, so don't pull the tape measure too tight or let it hang.

How do cup sizes on bras work?

The letter on your bra sizes tells you the cup volume in relation to the band size. And for that reason sizes 30D and 40D are not in same volume on the cup. The letter alone will tell you nothing about the actual cup size, but it should always be paired with the band size. The band size is the most important thing when finding a right size - it has to be snug and fit to give you the best possible support.

Why is the result on the calculator different than what I am used to?

Are you sure you are wearing a correct size? There is always the option that this style of measuring your size just doesn't work for you. If you have a muscular back, the calculator doesn't know that, and calculates all difference from the under bust and around bust measurements to be positioned at the front and thus resulting in a cup size that is too large for you. Also even a slightest change on the measurements will change the result. For example breathing all the way in or out while measuring, tape measure too tight or loose, twisted or hanging will change the calculated size. Also the type of bra and the size of the bra - especially if too small - you're wearing, will also affect on the measurements. There are so many options where the measuring can go wrong and the result this method gives is only an suggestion where you should start your search for the correct size. The best way to find the correct size is to try the bra on and follow the bra-fitting steps.

Our calculator is made so that it gives you a band size 1-2 sizes smaller than size charts and calculators usually do.

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