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Campaign Terms

From time to time we offer our customers different campaign and discount codes. Campaign terms and conditions for these campaigns are described below.

Campaign Codes

Discounts and campaigns are activated using a campaign code. The campaign code should be placed in the campaign activation field at checkout if the campaign is not already activated through an email link. Once the campaign code is activated, the campaign prices are shown throughout the store and in the shopping cart.

We will inform about active campaigns through our Facebook page or our email newsletter. Campaign codes are not available on other coupon websites.

Campaign period of validity

All campaigns have a start and end date and campaigns are only active during the given period. It's not possible to add discounts or free products to the order after the order has been placed. Please check that you have activated the discount code and the given campaign terms are met before paying your order. Discount code stacking is not possible and you can use only one discount code per order. Discount codes are not valid for gift cards.

Minimum order amount, free products and free shipping thresholds

If you return your products from your order and the final value of your order no longer fulfill the terms of the campaign, the discount will not be valid. Such cases are, for example, orders with a % discount, promotional products or merchandise when a certain purchase limit is exceeded. In these cases, the products will be charged their normal prices upon refund by deducting them from the refund amount. The same applies to orders for which a free delivery is offered when a certain purchase limit is exceeded: if the final order sum is below that limit, normal postage charges will be charged by deducting them from the refund amount.