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How to put on a bra?

The better way to put on a bra

1. Clasp the bra in the back

Bend forward, so that breasts dangle free. This helps you to adjust the wires to the base of the breast, below the bosom. Clasp the bra in the back. Wear your new bra on the loosest hook so you can set it tighter as the band stretches. Slide the straps to your shoulders.

Do not clasp the hooks in the front, and slide them to the back. This causes unnecessary strain to delicate materials in the bra and may also bend the wires. Your bra band size is too large if you can rotate it around your body. Too loose bra band will not provide the necessary support to your breasts.

Bend forward and clasp the bra in the back

2. Scoop the breast to the cup

Scoop all of the breast tissue to the cup, even the extra tissue from your armpit. Make sure that underwire sits flat all the way around and between your breasts. If there is any spillage on the top, from the sides or the breast are pushing the wires away from the rib cage below the breast it could mean that the cup is too small.

To make sure that you get big enough cup, do not shake or push the breast to the cup. Neither tug the cup from the top edge.

Scoop breast to the cup

3. Adjust the straps

Finally adjust the shoulder straps to right lenght. Make sure they feel comfortable and stay on shoulders. You might have to put on the bra few times as you adjust the straps to correct lenght. Remember to repeat steps 1 and 2 every time you put the bra on.

Straps should not dig into skin or leave red marks. Make sure the band is tight enough and horisontal around your body, as the weight of the breast should be supported by band, not the shoulder straps.

Adjust the straps to correct lenght