How to stop underwire from digging in?

Brassiere might feel good when you try it on, but later on in everyday use one of the underwires or both can cause nuisance by pinching your armpit area.


It might seem that the only solution is removing the underwires since you don´t want to leave your brand-new, expensive bra unused. However, before you start googling "how to remove underwires from a bra", please keep in mind that wire removal affects fit, shape and support of the bra. So our suggestion is that you don’t remove the wires of an underwired bra. Sometimes pinching underwires can make you even think to go completely wireless, when it comes to your bra.

It might be difficult to predict if the underwire will cause problems in use. However, it is important to know where your breast tissue starts – is there breast tissue in your armpit, how wide is the gap between the breasts and where is majority of your breast tissue.

Wide underwires such as in Elomi and Goddess bras, provide better fit to those whose breasts settle towards the armpits. If one’s breasts’s are more forward-projecting and centered on the chest we recommend bras from the selections of Gorsenia, Ava, Nessa and Gaia.

: 18.10.2018 09:40

Released: 17.10.2018 15:25