How to prevent chafing?

Underwire height is also significant factor in bra comfort. Make sure that your bra doesn´t come too high in the armpits, because it can start to chafe your arms when you move.


The best fit among the bra brands and bra styles varies from person to person. In order to find the best fit, you should be bold and try different brands and styles. The most popular brand for people that like low underwires is Curvy Kate.

If the bra doesn´t chafe your armpits but your arms scrape your breasts while walking, we recommend brands that project your breast tissue forward rather than to the sides. Brands that we recommend for these needs are Ava, Gaia, Nessa and Gorsenia. Also, Panache Jasmine bra is one of the most popular bras for these needs.

Keep in mind that too loose band can also cause chafings. Loose back band rides up and bra rubs under breasts. If the back band rides up, it affects the fit of the underwires and cause the to pinch and chafe.

The best solution might be a search of a more suitable bra, if you want to prevent chafing.

: 18.10.2018 09:40

Released: 17.10.2018 15:25