Bra styles - Balconette bra

Do you wonder which type of bra is the best, what are the different bra styles and how to choose a bra style?

Follow our releases where we tell about different bra styles. In this feature you can learn about balconette bra.

Balconette or balcony bras feature a horizontal appearance to the neckline and widely-placed shoulder straps. Balconette bras can be structured in different ways: they may feature two or three cup parts which aim to create a lovely rounded shape to the breast. While some balconettes feature only vertical cup seams, others feature both horizontal and vertical seams to create a specific silhouette. Seam placement and the complexity of the cup structure affect the shape of the bra and how forward-projecting the bra style is. Vertical seams create the so-called Marie Antoinette silhouette. Balconettes are suitable for most breast shapes, as this bra style is quite versatile, but people with sloping or especially narrow shoulders may find them difficult in everyday wear.

: 03.01.2019 10:55

Released: 03.01.2019 10:55