Bra styles - Full-cup bra

Do you wonder which type of bra is the best, what are the different bra styles and how to choose a bra style?

Follow our releases where we tell about different bra styles. In this feature you can learn about full-cup bra.

Full cup bra offers the best coverage when it comes to different bra styles. It covers the breasts fully and usually comes with three- or four-part cup construction. The straps are centered unlike with the balconette bra. Full cup bras are heavy-duty lingerie, meaning they are extremely supportive and covering. However, they are not the only option for full-busted ladies! It is important to check your bra size when wearing a full-cup style, as sometimes this bra style can mask a bad fit in the cup. Full-cup bras suit almost anyone who prefers more coverage, but people with close-set breast may find their high centre gores a bit difficult, especially if the gore is wide in addition to being high.

: 03.01.2019 10:55

Released: 20.09.2018 00:00