Bra styles - Minimizer bra

Do you wonder which type of bra is the best, what are the different bra styles and how to choose a bra style?

Follow our releases where we tell about different bra styles. In this feature you can learn about minimizer bra.

Minimizer bras are made in balconette and full-cup styles, and they are meant to pull the bust tighter against the chest to create a more subtle silhouette under clothing. Minimizer cups usually come with a two- or three-part cup construction, but can also be made in a seamless non-padded version. Minimizers with seams can often be recognized by a diagonal seam going across the cup, dividing it into two sections. Materials used in minimizer bras are sturdy to ensure the pulling effect of the bra. This bra style is especially convenient under clothing which is designed more snugly in the bust area.

: 03.01.2019 10:56

Released: 20.09.2018 00:00