Bra styles - Plunge bra

Do you wonder which type of bra is the best, what are the different bra styles and how to choose a bra style?

Follow our releases where we tell about different bra styles. In this feature you can learn about plunge bra.

Plunge bras are designed to go well with plunging necklines – hence the name of the style! This style features a low centre gore and may have more centered strap-placement than in the balconette bra. The outer bra cup edge usually reaches a bit higher towards the shoulders than in a balconette style. Plunge bras are especially suitable for people with close-set breasts or people who find higher centre gores uncomfortable. Plunge bras are however not the best option for softer breasts, as there is a chance the soft breast tissue will fall out of a plunging bra neckline.

: 03.01.2019 10:55

Released: 20.09.2018 00:00