Bra styles - Push-up bra

Do you wonder which type of bra is the best, what are the different bra styles and how to choose a bra style?

Follow our releases where we tell about different bra styles. In this feature you can learn about push-up bra.

Push-up bras feature additional padding and they usually come in balconette or plunge styles. The push-up padding can be detachable or sewn into the cup as extra thick padding in the bottom or the outer part of the cup. Paddings come in multiple options – common padding options are soft and light cotton wool pads but also gel pads. Push-up bras are especially suitable for smaller busts. Bras with push-up pad inserts are great for bra-wearers who like to balance their a-symmetrical breasts by inserting only one push-up pad on the smaller side of their bust.

: 03.01.2019 10:56

Released: 20.09.2018 00:00