Do your bra straps keep falling off or digging to shoulders?

The most common reason for straps falling off or digging in is a too large bra band.


If you have these problems with your bra, make sure that bra band is snug enough. Also, body structure and shape of the shoulders can cause straps to fall off. Straps can cause nuisance to people with petite body structure. Also, downward sloping shoulders can be a reason for straps falling off. If this is the case, we recommend choosing full cup bras with centered strap-placement, such as Wacoal Awareness, Basic Beauty or Goddess Heather. Another option is using a bra strap holder. Make sure to tighten the straps regularly as they can get a bit loose in wear.

A too big bra band is the most common reason for straps digging in. Make sure that the band is snug enough, so it can hold your breasts up without placing too much stress on the shoulder straps. However, the effect of a right fit bra is not instant, as shoulders can have severe dents caused by straps digging in from past ill-fitting bras. For easing up the pain, we recommend Goddess Heather, Gaia Nina Maxi and Gorsenia Luisse as good options, as they feature wide shoulder straps. However, if your regular bra straps feel too thin, you can always ease the pain up with additional silicone-made strap pads.

: 18.10.2018 09:41

Released: 17.10.2018 15:24