FAQ - Nursing bras

Buying a nursing bra can be troublesome. Especially if it´s your first pregnancy. To ease your troubles, we at Lumingerie have gathered some of the frequently asked questions with their solutions.


When to buy a nursing bra?

The best time to buy a nursing bra is during the end of the pregnancy, usually 2-4 weeks defore the due date. Your bra cup size has propably increased by now and you can try on a nursing bra.

What size nursing bra should I buy?

If you are shopping for nursing bras during the last month of pregrancy, you can buy a bra that is the correct size now and take the bra into use immediately. Even if the bra be too small when the milk rises, don't worry, you'll propably have use for them in a few months or at the end of breast feeding.

When the milk rises after child birth you will propably need even bigger cup size. The change in bra size varies from person to person. Some won't see much of a change, while for others the cup size can grow by 4-5 cups. The usual increase in size is 1-3 cup sizes.

What kind of nursing bra should I buy? How many bras should I buy for nursing?

For the first months after child birth we suggest that you wear only wireless nursing bra as the wires can press down on the sore breasts. There is also a risk that the wires press on the milk glands and cause and blockage. When the milk production has setled you can start using nursing and maternity bras with normal or flexi wires. You can do just fine with normal bras but everyday feeding is much easier with nursing bras which have drop cups for easier access. Usually you should at least buy 2-3 nursing bras: one you can wear and 2-3 bras drying after a wash.

Do I need sleeping bra?

Most people don't feel the need for a night-time bra, but if your breast are sore you may feel more comfortable if they are supported. You can use your regular nursing bras also during night, but only if the are wirefree and not too tight.

Washing your nursing bra

Because nursing and maternity bras get milky easily we recommend that you wash your bras daily like. Bra should be washed as soon as possible after use so that the milk stains don't have time to set in. Wireless bras can be washed in a washing machine in a washing bag. Bras with wires should be handwashed.

If you need help with choosing a size, contact our customer service!

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Released: 26.09.2018 15:24