A right size bra – A great investment in your well-being

Do you suffer from neck pain? Shoulder ache? Head ache? Leave the discomfort of ill-fitting bra behind and invest in your well-being. Right size bra is comfortable and imperceptible.


It might come as surprise that your brassiere might be the source of neck pains and back aches. A wrong size or ill-fitting bra may cause excessive load to muscles in the neck which may lead to reoccurring headaches.

Brassiere is meant to support, give lift and protect breasts. Wearing the right size bra will be supportive without the feeling of discomfort. Wearing a wrong size bra can cause breast aches and skin irritations or shoulder straps can cause red marks. When the bra doesn´t fit correctly you might unconsciously adjust your posture to feel better. This however can cause many problems, such as muscle aches, numbness and pains.

Are your breasts sore?

Your brassiere doesn´t fit properly. A wrong size and ill-fitting bra may cause severe damages. Too small cup can cause wires to dig into the breast tissue and, in the worst case, inflammations.

Most common error in the bra sizing is that the back size is too large, and the cup size is too small. This might cause excess weight to shoulders and lead to back aches.

Your breast might be sore because loose circumference doesn´t provide sufficient support to the breasts. Loose band can also move back and forth and rub abrasions to your skin. Band usually consists elastane, so band may stretch little. Therefore, you should deduct about 5-15 cm from your underband measurement result when you are choosing a new bra.

Up to 80% of women wear wrong bra size - Make sure you are not one of them

To find a perfect fit, we recommend you to be bold and try various bra sizes. Each manufacturer has its own fit and bra model which can affect bra size. Some women might have big bust but small upper body which makes choosing the right bra size difficult. Each one of us is unique and unfortunately finding a bra with good fit might be a challenge. We highly recommend you check your measurements and bra size annually. Take regular measurements of the underband and overbust, especially when there has been changes in your weight or any hormonal changes, such as pregnancy.

Leave the discomfort of ill-fitting bra behind and invest in your well-being. Right size bra is comfortable and imperceptible. If you are looking for a bra with better fit, evaluate your current bra and it´s fit.

  • Does your bra cause red marks, abrasions or do they ride up from back?
  • Do wires dig into your skin or poke your armpits?
  • Do wires between your breasts point forward or hang in the air?
  • Are there bulges of breast tissue in your armpits or on the top of the cup?
  • Do you have to adjust your breast back into the cups various times a day?
  • Are the straps sliding off the shoulders all the time or are they sinking into your skin?

If your answer to any of these is yes, we highly recommend checking your bra size. It might have changed.

: 24.10.2018 11:51

Released: 26.09.2018 15:14